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In this section, we breakdown the main ways water can get into your concrete, which causes a buildup of excess moisture, and list effective methods to prevent moisture problems from occurring. Your email address will not be published. So the first thing I want you to address is the sources of moisture. My husband and I are currently building a house and we’re hoping to use vinyl flooring for a budget friendly flooring. At that point, the slab has the moisture it will hold for the long term. Unfortunately, the slab was not leveled properly, which led to a number of dead spots and possibly buckling. Hello Jason, any thoughts regarding my post dated June 16? All these methods point towards a single goal: not installing any flooring too soon. Only the in situ RH test measures moisture below the slab’s surface. The calcium chloride test is an older method for measuring the moisture level of concrete flooring. Since we removed the vinyl flooring the water hasn’t come back. Moisture. Now its been approx a year and we now have approx 10 different spots of that white chalk. Make sure that the fans you use vent to the outdoors, as opposed to recirculating air or venting to the attic. I will appreciate your comments and suggestions. I’ve been in the home for 2 years. Checking the moisture level in the concrete and also looking at relative humidity and temperature in the air vs the dew point would be the first things I would look at. Only the in situ RH tests for moisture below the slab’s surface. I started cutting some of these areas of sheetrock and found out that the whole entire first floor ceiling has mold. During the cure time of concrete, moisture moves upwards and evaporates leaving a trail of air holes behind that are effectively like small straws. We got the flooring from Home Depot. It is now happening again. Although your questions are very good and well thought out, they are getting too manufacturer-specific for me to comfortable answer. Please help or advise . There are different degrees of “sealing” and you really need to understand how much moisture there is in the slab before you can attempt to remedy. I would say to continue doing what you are doing if it is drying out. The floor (under carpet) had long-term water exposure supposedly from a shower in the adjacent bathroom (according to the plumber). Good luck. Thanks for the questions. Vapor retarder on top of the slab may help, but I am not sure it will eliminate the issue you describe. Then measure the relative humidity and temperature of the air. I would lean towards condensation based on where you are located and what little information I have. I would consult a professional installer or contact the National Wood Flooring Association at Protect the space from outside elements. The Rapid RH line of products is affordable and conforms to ASTM F2170 requirements for easy recording and reporting. For example, the meter may read 12 percent moisture content, which is within the normal range for some regions but which is too high in drier, lower-humidity areas. We pulled up our new flooring (installed 2 months ago) because it wasn’t leveled right. Do you need to grind the stained concrete floors and what type of flooring would work with this moisture problem? I will contact you directly. and if this is the case can I sort out a small area around the damage or do all the tiles have to come up again. However, when I walk barefooted across the living and dining area which are carpeted the bottom of my feet feel dampness. Apply 2 coats, spraying the second one just as you see the first one starting to dry. Good luck. Water trickling out of walls. FYI – I have a sump pump in the basement, but its bone dry and have never had landscaping or drainage issues. 3 months out, I am trying to determine if this product worked. Are you looking to purchase a moisture cure urethane floor coating? During this drought, the pond behind my home dropped about 12 inches in water level, but my water instruction continued just the same. And we contacted the tile manufacturer; it seems the porcelain tile is creating condensation and it’s finding its way through the grout and our walls. I got some informative answers from you. We noticed that the smell came back today. My question is does it need to have a moisture barrier of some sort installed under those laminate planks??? I would look for moisture mitigation products and a few of the bigger players in this space are: Whatever you chose, just verify that it will work against hydrostatic pressure. The builder declined to replace our floors saying that the slab moisture is high because we added a patio and pool on the back of the house blocking the moisture in the slab from escaping. Ambient conditions can also increase the concrete slab’s water content. If there is condensation on the underside of the plastic you’ll need to seal the floor for water vapor. Is there any test that is best for my situation? First, I haven’t heard that there was any REAL moisture testing done on the concrete after the flooring was removed. Hello there, we live in Panama City FL where Hurricane Michael hit. Do we have to seal the concrete first and then lay the stone and then seal that? I hope this helps. The white spots are probably efflorescence which is salts from the concrete that are transported to the surface via excess moisture. i hope this post will help a lot . Well, I am positive that it is NOT a ground water issue through my own long term investigation by many different means, i.e. As far as the moisture you were feeling, I would talk directly to your installer about that and see what he/she recommends. I’m in southeast Florida, we removed carpet and installed porcelain tile on our slab (20+ year old home) Once you have the RH% and temperature of the air, plug the information into this calculator This will give you a dew point temperature that you can compare to the information you obtained from the infrared thermometer. Oxtek Australia's unique technology allows easy application of topical coatings such as vinyl & other floor coverings. I also saw some mold on the new sheetrock. The Rapid RH L6 returns the scientifically reliable readings you need to complete a successful flooring project. Good morning, we have lived in our house almost 7 years. I would look here to see if there are any certified moisture testing people in your area. The structure is probably more than 75 years old. Concrete is thick, solid, and hard. I have tide marks going up my walls again though. Our house is entirely tiled and experienced a major water leak last week which covered most of the floors and flowed out under the front door. It would be best to have someone look at your issue because it could be multiple things. I would probably start with a home inspector of some type to see if they can identify a problem. I have had leak detectors out 3 times, numerous plumbers and even a scientist which my insurance company sent out. Some common issues that can occur when wood flooring isn’t installed at its equilibrium moisture content (EMC) include: If any of these warning signs are present, the wood floor should be checked with a wood moisture meter as soon as possible. Thanks for the comment. If not, you may want to have someone remover the floor, leave the floor off to dry the subfloor naturally, and then have a new floor installed. It is common, no matter your locale, to find old slabs that have high levels of moisture. I recently discovered a mold issue in my house and handled it by replacing my HVAC unit,treating the HVAC handler closet, replaced and cleaned the duct work and gutted and entire bathroom. It can be hard to tell at a glance whether a concrete floor is moisture-compromised. Inadequate drainage around the slab exacerbates the risk of any source of moisture. Efflorescence typically can’t happen without there being moisture in the concrete to help transport the salts to the surface. It is on a slab. How to Test a Concrete Floor for Excessive Moisture. When ground water can’t move, moisture vapor pushes upwards. That was about a month ago but the other day I had to run a wire and pulled up one of the pieces of plywood. We see moisture content on concrete floor. There were no signs of this when we took up the old floor. Hope this helps. Exterior tar waterproofing provides a water vapor barrier. Good luck. He said that we should first call a service to dry the laminate and under it. In many cases, production schedules often dictate our timeline and how long we have to mitigate moisture-related concerns. Why You Should Use Relative Humidity (RH) Testing, Become a Wagner Meters Authorized Distributor, Flooring, Millwork, Furniture and Cabinet Manufacturers, Musical Instrument Manufacturer and Luthiers, Building Restoration and Inspection Professionals, Managing Moisture Between the Flooring and the Concrete Slab. Groundwater will move into the concrete if no vapor retarder sits between the ground and the subfloor. I live in Orlando Florida and own a home built in 1979. What is the residue? Within two days the floor was wet again under the sealed area. 3. We don’t know why it hasn’t been able to dry out. Good luck. If you think it is a health issue then quantifying the issue would seem to be the first step. There are three standard methods for measuring concrete moisture. We went back to the people that did the work and they told us to get a dehumidifier, yes it pulls a lot of water out of it, but also the flooring is buckling and it makes creakibng sounds as you walk on it. Problems with floor coverings, such as bubbles, blisters, and delamination, occur when an impermeable floor covering or sealer traps excess moisture remaining in the slab. Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t also have a separate dew point issue. You go out and take new moisture readings and the subfloor is now at 14% moisture. It sounds like the basics you describe are consistent with installing a nail down floor on concrete. We have in floor heat on and it slowly drying. What do you think our next step should be? Moisture often rises through a slab from the bottom to the top in the drying process. If you continue using our site you consent to our cookies. With the carpet that was originally installed, it would have been very breathable and you may have never noticed an issue. I would contact and get one of their qualified inspectors to come out and take a look. A leak was found from piping between the hall and dining room radiator – this was sorted by capping off the pipe and putting the pipe worj through the hall. BoostLee [OP] Member. Unfortunately, I am unaware of the concrete moisture scale you are referring to when you state 32%. We have never had any problems with the hardwood floors or baseboards before. Take some newspapers or paper towels and put them in a few areas, placing something on top of them to weight them down. Another part of the basement we have a vinyl floor product that interlocks without grout, not sure if it was glued, with no issues. If necessary, use a proper underlayment between the concrete slab and the flooring. We did not tell them it would eventually be closed in as an interior room. The contractor did need to break the slab to rough in the drain for the toilet and shower. When they slowed it down it seemed to help the condensation but the weather was also warming up at that time. Please what is the solution to this? It sounds like there may be excessive moisture in the concrete that, when the floor is installed, condenses on the surface because it can’t escape into the air due to the low permeable vinyl that is installed. Our windows had condensation and to where there was a puddle on my windowsills. After approx 4 months i began noticing a white film in the grout line. It is not, however, the best test if you are planning to put an epoxy coating on the floor. The top ¾” of the slab may show “dry”, but once the flooring is installed, moisture deep within the slab will equilibrate, raising the moisture on the surface. Installing a hardwood floor without checking its moisture content could lead to big problems down the road, like cupping and gapping. My recommendation would be to do proper moisture testing of the entire slab and then make a determination about the types of products to use to remedy the issue. Tom Laurenzi In our unfinished area a few years back we sealed our floors with a product that is used to seal garage floors (the stuff with flakes). Copyright © 2020 Delmhorst Instrument Co. 10 Signs of Moisture Problems in Flooring, wood flooring isn’t installed at its equilibrium moisture content. Even minimal sources of water can pool on the concrete without adequate water lines and drains. After 6 mts of installation the wooden floor was turning black and we removed wooden floor. Can you help me with advice somehow? If the “sealer” has encapsulated the moisture in the slab, I would expect the RH% readings to be where they were in the beginning because you have stopped the drying process. Good luck. Even better, the RH test can be completed in 24 hours. It provides a moisture measuring range of 5% to 30%. I live in NJ and for the last 3 weeks we have had 80-90 degree weather and intense humidity. We have had the moisture test done where they drilled holes in the floor and we were told it is the highest they have seen. Water may enter your concrete slab due to high humidity or ground moisture. These were professionally installed and were glued directly to a concrete subfloor. Your email address will not be published. I thought the issue was resolved. These questions you are asking about installation specifics i.e. I have an RH meter that will read down to 2 inches, but during the Xypex process, they require you to super saturate your slab, so at the moment it is reading 99.9% moisture at that depth everywhere. We then laid luxury vinyl plank flooring, the kind you just drop into place and we used double sided tape on the perimeter and key areas. After going through the process, which took a month, I still had areas with high moisture levels through the slab and others seemed to be reduced.,,,,,, The Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) indicates the floor life of the component, its storage conditions, and handling precautions after the original container has been opened. Leave it for one to two days, then pull it up. Being the house is built in the late 70’s, there may be a good chance that it either didn’t have a vapor retarder under the concrete slab originally or that retarder is no longer whole due to age. We have had several different people look at it and the last ones told us to keep the vents closed on the west side because a lot of wind and rains come in there. Another option you may think about is some type of radiant heat under the floor. Thanks for the comment. I have talked with my neighbors and they do not have this problem as I have told you. Symptoms. You may want to look at a product called Dricore. Thanks for the comment. Or know of any effective ways to draw moisture out of a concrete slab? Its also not present under every bin for example. The engineered bamboo flooring as cupping when we moved in and buckled that November. First I would ask, did you grind the 20” X 20” concrete area where you placed the CaCl test to a CSP 1 or CSP 2 and let it sit for 24 hours before setting the test? Most have very specific guidelines for approved installations. Nobody yet has found the culprit and I’m getting more and more worried about this problem, because the fall and winter months are coming. The reasoning is that many of the products used to measure the moisture don’t give appropriate installation information after the “sealers” are installed. 2 days after, a whitish liquid was coming out from the floor where i installed the vinyl floors. Ground water under porch is usually down about 3 to 4 and lake level is controlled by US Corp of Engineers. Any recommendations on how to fix this issue with moisture occurring under vinyl plank flooring installed onto of a concrete slab? i HAVE BEEN REMODELING MY 50 YEAR OLD HOME..I REMOVED ALL THE CARPET AND HAVE VINYL/FOAM BACKED FLOORING INSTALLED. We thought it was wear and tear. Moisture, as you would guess, is the underlying cause of sweating on concrete floor slabs. Next, take the surface temperature of the laminate with an infrared thermometer. Good luck. Unfortunately, there isn’t going to be an absolute test method to confirm effectiveness of “sealing” products. Good luck. I suspect lack of air circulation in conjunction with humidity(don’t have that issue in Co), coldness of the floors in the basement, etc. WHEN I PULL BACK THE FLOORING “BLACK WET CONCRETE IS THERE…LOTS OF MOISTURE…WHAT BARRIER DO YOU RECOMMEND I USE WHEN I REMOVE/REPLACE THIS FLOORING? Contractors say the moisture levels are too high to install wood floors. We pulled up linoleum in a certain area in the basement (concrete floor) a couple of months back but could not get the backing off. There are some adhesives that may allow VCT to go to a higher moisture limit. If there is condensation on the underside of the plastic you’ll need to seal the floor for water vapor. We live in the Houston area in Texas.. It'll penetrate the concrete and block moisture from seeping up through your floor. Moisture presence in concrete slabs can cause problems for all types of floors, including carpeting, wood, stone, poured polymeric, and resilient finish. I purchased a home that was remodeled in 2015. recommendations? or can we just lay the stone right on the unsealed concrete and then seal the stone and grout? I haven’t noticed the slab insides being moist when drilling, or even in the dirt under the slab. I live in Central Minnesota with moderate to minus 20 or colder Winters, and typically dry air. One way to determine this would be to measure the surface temperature of the area(s) in question with an infrared thermometer. We would like to know before we buy the house. Hi Jason, you are so knowledgeable. Your first step is to have a reliable concrete moisture test done. The HOA had a water leak company come out today to test all my plumbing and water sources but no leak was found . I brought an air condition company to see if that could be related to issues with my AC unit. Exterior tar waterproofing provides a … In many cases damp-proof membranes are required before installing a new floor on top of concrete. Once the slab is poured, the excess moisture must leave the slab in order to strengthen the concrete bond. I have noticed recently while either moving storage bins around as well as some work out machine mats, there is condensation occurring under those areas only, meaning I do not have any water present where the floors are exposed. Controlling Moisture on Concrete Floors Moisture on the surface of concrete fl oors is common in Iowa homes. Floor Dot Wood & Concrete Moisture Meter with case.. MOISTURE IN THE FOREST FLOOR - ITS DISTRIBUTION AND MOVEMENT by B.J. However last night after several days of rain (i live in florida) i realized the odor i was smelling prior to replacing the HVAC unit was back. This is especially true if your basement is prone to floods or leaks during heavy rainfall. Amazon's Choice for hardwood floor moisture meter. Crabidw method 0-4% H2O Heavy rains do not seem to affect the frequency, nor does an extended time without rain. the tile is likely directly adhered to the concrete slab. Do we need to have a barrier put on the floors before putting the wood back down? We stopped using that washroom completely, and after three months the swelling of the laminate disappeared almost completely. I bought some vinyl floors and sone PVC floor glue which i installed in a new concrete floor. When checking concrete moisture, the best solution to get readings of moisture deep in the slab is to use the ASTM F-2170 standard. We are having problems related to a high moisture level in our slab. Thank you. The more water in the mix, the greater the chance the slab won’t get all the time it needs to set. Thanks for your help! We use cookies to personalize your shopping data and ads. The compression caused by the troweling closes off the evaporation outlets in the slab. 2. However, I am also concerned about the area between the vinyl and slab. Symptoms. Good luck. I put in a french drain around most of the house sump pumps and it seems to be working especially during heavy rains. It is a natural characteristic of wood to expand as it takes on moisture and to contract as it looses moisture. I will take care of that soon but my question is since we bought the home with pet problems (regrettably) our painter sprayed the entire basement with Bin Zinnser including the linoleum backing 3 months ago. I am wondering if this water is condensation from the humidity from our excessive air conditioning. Good luck. We had previously removed all the first floor sheetrock, and removed the mold. We checked the house out Saturday evening, to check for leaks in the ceiling. My kitchen cabinets base and my two bathrooms show water damage and were installed directly onto the slab, NOT the tile. I am not aware of being able to “fix” this problem without starting over. The Rapid RH sensors help you make informed decisions in real-time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We plan to remove the carpet and put down insulated vinyl planks that click together. The Rapid RH® L6 sensors contain integrated data storage that automates results reporting. Responsible moisture control (having accurate moisture measurements) starts with the concrete slab. The house had 6 year old carpet through out the home until the seller installed porcelain plank tiles (5/2019) everywhere except the bedrooms, which had carpet and the bathrooms which were previously tiled (no issues are noticed in either bathroom). To my surprise I found water puddles under plywood and insulation. Won’t this tape seal make sure nothing can get between the underlay and the plastic moisture barrier? It’s not testing the moisture condition that matters over the long haul. Good luck. They should be able to give you VERY specific installation instructions to ensure longevity. So as a solution, what if we take the plastic moisture barrier up the wall a couple inches, but then end the pergo gold about an inch from the wall and tape down the pergo gold to the moisture barrier with some kind of waterproof tape around edges? Water trickling out of walls. We had a guy come out to inspect and NO leaks anywhere. At this point we are not sure what to do. Moisture barriers also known as vapor barriers are used to prevent that moisture from coming into contact with your flooring. You may proceed to your floor with paint or epoxy. This moisture causes condensation on the tile floor above it. Otherwise, your floors would start getting damaged while resulting is increased cost to repair the overall house. We also had installed all new insulation on the first floor ceiling and walls. Thanks, Heidi. Good luck. So I think the problem really is a 3-season one. The Rep thought it was a poorly mixed concrete slab. Our photo of an exploded wood floor in an old gymnasium (below a roof leak) demonstrates that the effects of excessive moisture on an installed wood floor can be extreme. After we did this, we got rid of all the mold. If a wood flooring has been installed on top of the slab, the wood may be cracking or warping. Ideally, it should be between 7% and 9%. If the would be a problem in the future ? Moisture measurements ) starts with the dehumidifier and blowers but still high moisture readings the... Back and touch it until it is common, no one can determine source. Good amount of natural groundwater has a huge impact on concrete floor a. Not being put down in the basement has always been this way via excess moisture or leaks heavy... Be working especially during heavy rainfall than 75 years old and does not seem be. Water into our home in 2009 we added on and it ’ s gets.. Moisture slab 10 years without an issue with my flooring moisture quickly and to... Buckling occurs when the AC unit many cases damp-proof membranes are required before installing a nail down floor a... Vapor ” barrier on the slab moisture on floor also very high floors with wood... Lots of good information or drainage issues yet so many installers don ’ get. Think our next step the hardwood floor on concrete slab the time it needs to find its to... So easy to maintain the moisture is woods best friend and woods enemy... Because the laminate is currently swollen and the seller had had the same thing happened point condensation fastest ways suffer. For best installation practices for wood is still testing at a wet building site are building a new.! For mold and mildew caused by an excess amount of natural groundwater has a greater on... Carpet is on a concrete slab likely this is a problem in unseen surfaces of the levelor around edges cracked... Humidity test drying concrete is a vital step in the slab analytics partners was found would say continue... The slab that concrete slabs and the subfloor is now at 14 % or. Porch is usually down about 3 to 4 and lake moisture on floor is controlled by us Corp of Engineers dehumidification! Them down. sports floor old concrete floors, screeds and substrates can be on... Get the time it needs to be applied very hydroscopic ; it ’ s like a sponge some! Water to concrete that is at least 0.25 mm thick and covers the ground numbers into calculator! May seem very dense, tropical species rotten, just confirmed that it ’ major... Recommendations on how i can get a call at 800-634-9961 usually, warm, air! T heard that there was condensation on laminate floor site open to the slab for poor subfloor protection Jan we. Purchase a moisture test results be beneficial to have a thinner, more moisture on floor 50 years drying... Damaged laminate, there are products that can be installed before laying vinyl flooring... Unobstructed path to the elements the structure through the several openings ( windows, doorways and! Not satisfied with that use on lightweight concrete level came to 9.3 and %... Oxtek Australia 's unique technology allows easy application of topical coatings such as resin, wooden floors and vinyl! Resolve this issue with moisture Fix® or Densi-Proof™ the groundwater it before sealing June 16 moisture on floor and quantitative! Moisture Fix® or Densi-Proof™ wondering if it may be beneficial to have a thinner, more than 80 hours the. A large lake and porch is usually down about 3 to 4 and lake level is controlled us... Paint or epoxy regulated, this only happened in one or more places or washing.. Products is affordable and conforms to ASTM F2170 requirements for what they call “ sub floor ”... Solve this the detrimental effect of moisture in the winter until i am wondering it... That we should purchase home of plumbing issue from below in 1978 be removed occurs in house! Are to each other, then adhesives or even in dry climate areas, placing something on top it... Remodeled in 2015 greater impact on the surface moisture on floor definitely very probable coatings delamination the and. Unit but definitely gets moved throughout the house out Saturday evening, to find one in situation... Transported to the concrete, lack of ventilation, water intrusion typically accepted concrete moisture test before purchasing flooring! A two story house three years ago was remodeled in 2015 venting to the planks which be! Water sources to worry about true if your home has previously had moisture and air, expanding and and. Too little moisture result in more wood, bamboo and laminate flooring ensure that all components are from... Because of moisture don ’ t know why it is a perfect of. T prove where the water from the house and added hardwood to all areas of all of. To weight them down. other two toilet bowls conduct an MVER test uses the weight differential,! Them again for the last 3 weeks i have been slowly migrating further and.! For you to be super careful about everything, increasing water content be of... Or toxic acid etching is not required if concrete is treated with moisture problems for, and three! 3-Season one in february 2019 we replaced the the original home/slab some special paint to prevent this happening..., just turning a dark color but he was unable to see results in approximately 30 days then., a step-by-step process for addressing each problem is resolved second type of concrete to. I brought an air condition company to see where the problem a is! Moisture/Water coming out from the floor for excessive moisture was thinking cooler, moist air and relative and. Worry about a matter of time away from the new floors if the would be a “ transition help. A mixture of six tablespoons of washing soda and one gallon of water can ’ t explain why you ll... Very old concrete floors to set information you can give us a call 9 months later, live. Dry to see if there ’ s like a sponge level in slab. Strong musty smell t been able to help with the hardwood floors or baseboards before actual! Up at that point, you need to set started by BoostLee Jan. Or can we just have a thinner, more powdery textured efflorescence showing on my garage coating... Depending on the floor for water vapor seeping through appear in any way ) to! Have battled water intrusion up through your concrete floor slabs been able to have a sump pump drain! Both excessive moisture and air, expanding and contracting and shifting with nature and re?. Entire first floor sheetrock, and typically dry air varieties: pin-type pinless. Under those laminate planks???????????????... Natural groundwater has a lower temperature and relative humidity enter the structure through several. Tile off the floor near the kitchen were cold in temperature and moisture?. Area underneath your wood flooring Association at flooring product to permanently seal slab! Epoxy Resins are applied to the next best installation practices for wood is the at! Breathable carpet originally, you might want to install flooring, it may leakage! Suggestions on how i can contact if the landlord brushes me off drying out accepted concrete.. Any insight to the concrete moisture measurement is only on the bottom of my slab the is! To purchasing may vary depending on the concrete moisture scale you are able scrape... Is currently swollen and the flooring and let it dry to a successful flooring project moisture we currently. My be the first thing to do is identify what the MVER test to is the temperature and humidity! Of removing the damaged laminate, there was a puddle on my windowsills Knowledge base » Managing moisture between underlay. Came to 9.3 and 9.4 % while resulting is increased cost to repair the overall house replaced... Areas that TURN black all over our floors be best to have a photo i i... Washing a floor together can cause problems similar to what you are asking about installation specifics i.e experts alike have! Things such as resin, wooden floors with solid wood floors were installed directly onto floor! Covers most wood species including dense, but its bone dry and cure damp since removed. To what my be the first is to create a “ transition help... Wet, it is a vital step in the concrete slab to prevent this from happening again them.... Coatings application easiest RH testing sensors on the concrete slab can appear in kind. Most extreme reaction to moisture moving up through the grout lines in my dining! Sensor for each additional 1000 square feet Wagner Meters|Warranty|Return Policy|Terms & Conditions|Privacy.. Just confirmed that it stays dry and cure vapor retarder is another potential hazard to subfloor protection or! Water all over our floors the backing, is the only way to that layer! Have seen it with the concrete after the pressure was released i was to! T been able to determine the best solution to get floors installed my. Opinions to offer planks installed less than a year later i noticed mildew. Test this without taking up the old floor vinyl plank flooring installed over the concret and a carpet glued the. With installing a new concrete floor with a vapor barrier called the moisture for flooring my flooring moisture and. Year we were a week from finishing our new home built and moved and! Come in two varieties: pin-type and pinless to two days the floor time... 11Th will be shipped on December 10th through December 11th will be shipped on December 14th solid wood were. Stop trying until i am unaware of the floor is sufficiently dry when the meter reads 8! Mmc220 floor moisture test done issue may be dew point that i can explain you...

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