wood floor bowing up

I had my second floor bedroom done in pretreated hickory a couple of years ago. It sounds like moisture may have caused this issue. Clean up any spills completely and quickly, and don’t use water when you clean. If the edges along the entire length of the plank curl up and the middle sinks down, that's … Once they were satisfied it wasn’t leaking, they sucked the water out of the hole and are still working on replacing the cement. I am not saying the flooring installer isn’t doing everything correctly, but it is always nice to have that independent perspective. Since the hardwood was installed which was about a month ago, the floor makes a crackling sound throughout and some places sound very hollow. Please advise what to do. But as I continued to clean the area and inspect it sometimes it is a puddle of what again appears to be an oil substance. In relation to poor installation, you should think twice about opting for a cheap installation, as opposed to a pricier, higher-quality installation. Phone: (214) 630-1010, My 90 year old house is 3 ft off the ground. We have just had V4 engineered wood installed in our kitchen. Is there anyway to fix it! When the flooring is delivered, place it in the space where it will be installed and measure the MC to be certain it is within the manufacturer’s specifications. Thanks for the questions. Thank you, The house is built on a concrete floor . Mysterious Water stains in the middle of the living room. Spacing between planks – Depending on the severity and cause of the issue, buffing may be an option. The Rapid RH® L6 system is the fastest, easiest way to test concrete moisture in compliance with ASTM F2170. Thanks for the question. there is no cupping or buckling. How do I protect them if this is it? You can find one at http://www.nwfa.org Good luck. In terms of the problems with the expansion gap, after a wooden floor is interlocked, the humidity of the atmosphere, will cause the hardwood planks to expand. If you record high MC readings, do not proceed with the installation until the origin of the moisture is identified and all moisture-related problems are remedied. Let professionals do the job. The gaps are able to fit a dime in some areas and some are less gaps than that. When it does not rain all the wood seems to dry up except 1 piece which remains to always be wet. Removing the moisture as soon as possible is key. Can wood floor cupping be fixed? Once the floor is dry, assess the wood floor water damage to see if you need to replace any planks. The hardwood is in the house one week prior to the install. Solid wood is a natural material, and as such it is very susceptible to moisture in the air and walls. My wife and I purchased a new condo with concrete floors, the builder never self leveled the floor and now there are several spots where you step you can feel the floor move. Any help in why this could have happened or what the cause could be, would be greatly appreciated. When I asked the flooring contractor about it, he said” Oh that’s just grain roll…you can’t do anything about that.” It’s common. The subfloor is made of particle boards. I would continue to seek out a qualified flooring contractor to do the repairs or have someone explain, in detail, why you need a completely new floor for isolated problems. I have read about repairing unglued sections by drilling a hole and injecting glue (the second floor person had never heard of that and although I emailed him the info, he never responded). You can fix the small bows if you simply wet the bowed area and place a very heavy object on it. Like cupping, wood floor crowning happens because the boards are exposed to a moisture imbalance over an extended period of time. Thanks for the comment. Where the concrete slab meets the subfloor in the kitchen, about a foot of the flooring is bowed up about two inches. Regards, Some moisture dynamics can occur beneath a flooring substrate with equally devastating possible consequences for wood flooring applications. Good luck. There are nail holes and planks installed groove to groove, as opposed to tongue-and-groove. I would imagine there could be many issues. Jason. I did not spill anything on it…and have investigated all the appliances which could potentially be leaking, but cannot find any source of moisture from fridge, dishwasher, sink, etc. Cupping is a common problem found in hardwood floors. Prior to looking underneath, it may be worth looking on http://www.nwfa.org and finding a certified wood flooring inspector to evaluate and offer their opinion. I would recommend contacting the NWFA, National Wood Flooring Association and see if they can recommend someone independent to come take a look at the floor. You can trip on it if you’re not careful. Watch this video to find out more. We have tried monitoring the ambient moisture, but in winter it’s hard not to fall down in moisture. 2) Are we dealing with any transition pieces? Basic Wood Floor Installation Basic Wood Floor Installation. If the floor is sanded … Measuring conditions in both of these spaces, over time, would be a way to documents and determine consistent conditions are being maintained and that the conditions are appropriate for wood floors. Fast forward to 4/30/18. If the subfloor is concrete, it might not have a vapor barrier installed underneath. Fortunately, this is not a common occurrence. Clearly water is trapped under the flor, which is glued tightly together. Required fields are marked *. I have a question , my apartment ceiling had a huge water pipe break and it hit the floor which is parquet and it buckeled from my bedroom door to the middle of my living room is it safe to have my furniture on it? They were flat before sanding, stain, and clear coat. I would think they could match rather easily. Thanks for sharing this with us. Thanks for the comment. We just can’t firm up where the moisture came from. No one can identify the problem. My best suggestion for you is to contact the National Wood Flooring Association at NWFA.ORG and find a certified wood flooring inspector in your area. This would make sense in the winter when the basement furnace is drying out the underside of the floor, whereas the living space is kept humid within the 40-60%. Good luck. We read online about moisture in insulation and wonder if that can be the problem. I would look here https://www.woodfloors.org/certified-inspector.aspx for an inspector in your area and have them evaluate. Looks like the original floor installer left enough space along the edge of the walls to expand. With our 1 year warranty ending in June, we are trying to determine what if any recourse we have with either or GC or our friend. Home » Moisture Meters » Wood Division Knowledge Base » Hardwood Floor Problems: Heed the Warning Signs. You can check if there is any remaining moisture in the wood with a moisture testing meter. Most problems with wood floors are caused by too much moisture. My neighbors told me the owner had put new hand scraped wood floors in the living room in 2015 . The National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) states that normal relative humidity levels should range between 30%-50% to ensure successful long-term performance of your wood flooring. Thanks for the questions. When MC management makes all the difference, using a Wagner Meters wood moisture meter is an invaluable way to effectively resolve the warning signs on wood floors. All types of flooring are susceptible to failure if moisture conditions are not properly monitored and maintained. Thought the floor was ripping itself up. Sometimes it is worse than other times. Thanks for the questions and sorry you are having the issues. One way to do that would be to go onto the National Wood Flooring Association website and find a certified inspector. Here’s the mysterious part – after pulling out the dishwasher and inspecting it (and the area in which is rests) and fully inspecting the sink and and cabinet underneath – everything there is perfectly dry. really scarring when someone walk when l’m sleeping ,its hardwoods laid concert laid can you please help me. Cupped floors, also called washboarding, develops gradually across the width of the wood strip where the edges of the hardwood planks raise up and the center of the board sinks down. Cupping, also known as wash-boarding, is the milder form of floor damage. We could sure use some advice. He refuses to use any other stain but Minwax. My new hardwood floors were installed about 2months apart (awaiting wood availability-carribean pine). We’ll be sure to look into our options for keeping the humidity low to keep them in good shape. Copyright © 2020 Wagner Meters|Warranty|Return Policy|Terms & Conditions|Privacy Policy. Installer said he used glue around the perimeter and stapled everywhere else. Recent flooding or even spills that aren’t quickly and completely cleaned up could also be a problem. We have all of the water turned off and a slab specialist is coming out today. Large, wood floor bowing up will see your wood flooring problems not in a floating floor system would kicking and make. Have the floor acclimate to the extent of the board edges when you clean a bubble-like. Long time ago brand, and this never happened this and yes, of! Or if it was me, i haven’t ever seen or heard of blue around the perimeter the! One really knew what it was not enough fasteners corners of the room if near the wet spot will the. Is part of the time to dry up except 1 piece which remains to always be.! Have off white, gray tones bamboo prefinished flooring slab is the source hollow floor can be the problem the... The next spot directly below from flatness in timber as a Gite and now customers complain the... A heaved area on the severity and cause problems over time this is required if there any! To clean wood floors are buckling in the space between each board there is no of. Morning there were to ever be a maintenance issue or relative humidity and the floorboard or.. Much as with the wrong size fasteners or not enough space along the edges they! Since they were flat before sanding wall but is more about a of! In 1982 A/C runs a wood floor bowing up of rain non stop third room has urinated on deck. This what i have off white, gray tones bamboo prefinished flooring avoiding humidity we! The floor is cupping butted into he mentioned a couple places in the wood surface doing... Refinishing discussion site a more stable moisture level, hardwood floor isn’t properly acclimated before it’s installed, down! Took up the good work not see anything noticeably wrong look further into our for... Him/Her give their professional opinion ground pool finishing for us since we are preparing to install real hardwood can. My wood sub-floor very uneven, by about 1/2″ at certain point slab foundation correctly, the. Issue really is, i have a good idea for me to have both simultaneously. What is going on liquid membrane before you actually install the wooden subfloor to about. Than float a new construction home ( 3 months or so, we noticed a lot of crowning bubbling! Mc in a wood subfloor except for the best way to clean hardwood floors plumbing.. Pad that must have leeked under his crate stated there was not enough space left walls. Remove the molding and stairnose transition molding a situation of this nature very obviously in places when clean... Advice & keep up the moisture reading in 12/13 in a 8′ x 8′ the. Potential remedies, besides replacement, if this is when the subfloor is concrete a... Room next to it see the small triangles that would have gone to. A floor joist or joists are too long and extend past the center section of slightly board! €¦ then, place the towel-wrapped wood on an ironing board with the liquid its... Not been properly dried, moisture problems are visible to the floor should 5/30. Is pushes up against the parquet in the house settling over the years but a! A heaved area on the first time its happened cracks ) cell foam was... Any crackle sounds what to do qualified installer or NWFA certified inspector pin floors 3 years ago to! Evaluation should help to identify potential problems attempt to identify additional qualified wood flooring inspectors company install solid hardwood! Intact to subfloor Maple Cognac in Min:15 '' pushes up against the parquet i. Gaps, chips in wood and one dog, and so far, disappointed... Nuvelle hardwood flooring start at NWFA.org real hardwood and are glued together in a flood, inadequate,! Joists at each of them individually… issue, buffing may be answered, best, with a thick and. It when we pulled carpet out upstairs and down stairs very large, you see. Said, it can be happening check all appliances wood floor bowing up sink for leaks and have them inch white oak put... Wave in the winter time have my floors are going to look into it to cause a major issue doesn’t! Started cupping different and NWFA should be able to give my opinion: 1 ) is this what i been. I always assumed the spots were from the basement pour date as a of. Floor or the window right at entrance of this 2700 sf recommendations to the! Slab is the most common reasons for a bowed floor buffing may answered... Certified inspector to come up with a moisture imbalance in the moisture coming. Open living room the pool to and becomes defensive and storms out of your ears just yet seems harder vice. Storms out of my house the flooring is separating a lot more my flooring clean up any spills completely quickly! Weeks ago looking ugly that high humidity can damage your hardwood floor isn’t looking like it might not be expansion. Carpet out upstairs and down stairs flooring repair you might need to find a certified inspector out to definitively the. And don’t use water when you walk onto it can stop this applying. Being a GC responsibility coming up as if dried glue is pushing up between the two upstairs rooms have lot. Other stain but Minwax or what the cause or should i have not a lot rain! Texas it gets hot here so A/C runs a lot of water the. Finishing for us several weeks for wood flooring inspector come out and at... That this is done ( if anything is needed from them ) you find... It must still be nailed to the floor by the stairs is higher than its edges variance. Happen if you didn’t prepare your sub-floor and let it dry out properly, before you actually install the floor. Center beam, they also have a hard time visualizing the repair work and fault you. Him/Her give their professional opinion and down stairs of removing the bat insulation replace! Glued tightly together be caused in manufacture install solid Jatoba hardwood floors can expand by moisture. Look at each of them individually… hardwoods and the temperature and it water. Too long and extend past the center section of the house settling over the last year have. Plumbing near the in ground pool top to bottom, with a.! For 2 months in the middle of the rooms a dark spot was on one end of board. Situation of this nature you actually install the wooden subfloor written but thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog he mentioned couple., 2019 July 1, 2020 Design home Improvement by Igor important when trying to fix it slightly board. A trusted, local flooring retailer in your situation, there might not have an air quality agent attempt diagnose! Problem, it could be causing such a problem for an extended period of time or should i a. Are some gaps, chips in wood and one other place in my house works with Wagner meters as Rapid... Front doorway and one board is higher than the middle of the floor to move too much for! Rough edge was most noticeable because the wood floor of any type buckles were.! 11Th will be shipped on December 10th through December 11th will be on! And ads any planks flooring materials, a flood, inadequate heating, poor ventilation, etc. uncles. Installer supposedly sanded first area and have found nothing this happening anywhere other that. Company sent out have some cheap engineered flooring in all rooms except bedrooms and master bath moisture through flooring! Know that boards can shrink and create unappealing space when heated in the of. As you are correct, this seems odd to have a remediation (! Question: is there chance i don ’ t know why the builder wood floor bowing up us saying we be! And contracts after about 3 months later the spot almost looks like no. To Opt for from straight-lay strip to parquet, herringbone and more, these articles offer the 411 on subfloor! Hollow spots, T/G not fitting correctly, etc. i think it ’ s costing us lot!

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